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Ashdod boxing tournament 6-7/01/2012

Another boxing tournament took place in Ashdod on January 6-7, 2012. Approximately 80 participants of ages 9 to 30 showed up from an entire Israel – from Beer Sheeba in the South to Maalot in the North. Our club was represented by three participants – Dani Ilyushonok, Tsvi Yagudiev and Daniel Maslov. Boxers were matched by their ages, weight classes and experience.

At the first day of tournament, Dani Ilyushonok – our youngest member (9 years of age), competed against an opponent from Ashkelon. His foe had 3 kg weight advantage and was one year older which is quite significant for this age category. Despite those factors, Dani won by decision. Tsvi Yagudiev (16.5 years old) claimed his victory over Netaniya native by knocking out his opponent in round one. Daniel Maslov (17.5 years old) fought in the weight category of 81 kg and has not disappointed us by winning via 3rd round TKO. Thus, all three fighters of Lod Boxing Club got themselves into the finals.

Dani Ilyushonok found success in the finals by winning the decision and claiming the first place.

Tsvi Yagudiev was faced by Beer Sheba native and suffered the loss in a controversial decision. The decision was argued by many observers but despite that, Tsvi took # 2 spot in the tournament.

Daniel Maslov faced an opponent from Bat-Yama. Despite the fact that Daniel fights in the Junior age category, his trainers showed confidence by allowing him to fight in the Adult league against more skillful opposition. Facing an experienced fighter, Daniel showed his class and power by showing a great defense and offense as well. The outcome of draw has been a reasonable decision, though many believed, Daniel has won. Our boxers fought at their best. Congratulations from our trainers with a good start of this year. The fight videos of the tournament are available on our site.

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