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For many years, population of Thailand had been defending themselves and their country from conquerors. Wars has become a basis for a certain martial art which, as of today, is known as thai boxing (muay-thai). Later on, muay-thai training has become an essential habit for many men of Thailand.

The Great Naresuan (1555-1605) had been one of the famous warriors of Thailand. Besides being a  great leader and a true hero of his nation, he was a great boxer and made muay-thai as an essential part of military training.

Nai Khanom has promoted thai boxing as well. After Thai capital had been captured by Burmese in 1767, he became a prisoner of war and was selected for boxing competitions to entertain burmese leader.  In 1774, he defeated more than 10 burmese boxers. After, he was released and returned home as a national hero.

As time went by, thai boxing has become the favorite sport of Thai people. Rich and poor, young and old – everyone showed a great interest to muay-thai, making it a national glory. Every village hosted their own tournaments. In 1930's, thai boxing was recognized internationally, boxing gloves and timed rounds were introduced into bouts. However, traditional techniques of the past, involving elbows and knees has remained. These techniques make muay-thai fighters as one of the most dangerous and relentless opponents.

Muay-thai training would be a great choice for those, who desire to master themselves in effective and highly-regarded martial art.

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