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Boxing is one of the most ancient martial arts of all times. It has been very popular in Egyptian Empire and Ancient Greece. This is supported by geological researches such as wall drawings of Hasan Akbani (Egypt), created 2300 B.C. where boxing match is drawn.
Boxing exists officially since Olympics prior to 668 B.C. where the rules did not allow any body shots, head shots only. Boxing ring had a different, round shape. Boxers of those times wrapped their fists with a leather stripes. Pythagore has been one of the greates champion of an ancient times.

Modern boxing has appeared in England, based on the rules of Queensberry and Borton. Most of these rules are followed as of today and include boxing gloves, boxing ring, rounds, etc. Queensberry rules took slight changes and were officially recognized in 1901 in Great Britain.
Today, boxing is divided into two categories:

  1. Amateur boxing (also called Olympic), which requires athletes to compete with headgears and T-shirts, based on the color of their corner (either blue or red). Amateur boxers are authorized to compete in Olympics, based on the rules of International Boxing Association (AIBA). According to AIBA, there exist 10 weight categories. Rounds cannot last more than three minutes (rules has gone through changes over the years).
  2. Professional boxing. Boxers compete without headgear and T-shirts in 17 weight categories and are not authorized to compete in Olympics. Number of rounds is based on boxer's skill and experience and varies from 4 to 12 rounds, no longer than 3 minutes each.

Professional and amateur boxing have the following factors in common:

  1. Different weight categories
  2. Bouts are divided into rounds
  3. Boxing gloves must weight 10 oz (280 grams)
  4. Protective mouth guard and cup are a must

Boxing workout develops a great skill for self defense, physical conditioning, health and endurance. Our club provides the full routine of training and aims for a further development of boxing skills.

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